Hope Continues For ALS Victims

by Lauren Meyers on June 28, 2010 · 0 comments

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Do you know what Lou Gehrig’s disease is? Lou Gehrig’s disease (aka ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is absolutely devastating. It attacks the nerves and causes complete ruin of the brain and spinal cord, disabling the body from functioning on its own.

According to SeattleTimes.com, this tragic disease disables its victims bit by bit until they cannot walk or breathe on their own. But these courageous people never lose the ability to think or feel, unfortunately this disease usually captures peoples between two and five years after diagnosis.

However, a miracle has happened, Frank, a 51 year old man living in Florida was diagnosed seven years ago, and is still living a happy life. He volunteered to highlight this disease by controlling the “Piece by Piece” campaign, that the ALS Association created. This campaign had 150 mannequins to each represent actual ALS victims, with no legs, no arms, wearing shirts that had the name, birth date and death date of when Lou Gehrig’s disease took their life.

“It’s a metaphor for how Lou Gehrig’s disease steals your body piece by piece,” Franks said. He added, “It’s important for people to know how devastating this disease is. Not because I want sympathy. But until there’s an uprising or a big push with awareness, there won’t be funding that leads to research.”

Worried you might have Lou Gehrig’s disease? Find a neurologist near your home, who can help with your diagnosis. Located in Dallas or Austin, join our ALS walk to fight against this disease, by raising awareness and money for research. We need your help!!!

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