Sports Injuries to Heal at Home

by Lauren Meyers on May 26, 2010 · 1 comment

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Anyone watch the Tour of California bike race? As you probably know, several cyclists crashed before the finish line. One of the BMC racing team doctors reported that there were no serious injuries – only superficial ones. With any sport there is usually some sort of protective gear that each player wears. But regardless of gear, injuries happen and there are several you can fix at home.

According to, abrasions are easy to clean and fix, acute strains can be treated by applying ice immediately, then taking anti-inflammatory meds and resting. After your strain soreness has passed, begin a stretching regime and increase gradually. A torn meniscus can be healed by resting your knee for a week or two. If the pain increases, seek medical attention.

Having a hard time coping with an athletic injury? Find a sports medicine expert near your home who can help.

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