Calling Mom When You’re Stressed Really Does Help

by Brittany Durdin on May 14, 2010 · 1 comment

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Are you one of those people who call your mom when something has upset you or stressed you out? I know I am. Although it might feel like a phone call doesn’t even come close to actually having your mom there to help you get through the issue, a new study has shown that calling Mom actually does help. According to a new study, “talking on the phone with Mom is nearly as good as getting a hug for helping stressed-out kids calm down,” reports CNN.

The study revealed that when young girls call their moms when upset or stressed out, a key stress hormone is reduced, and a feel-good brain chemical that is believed to play a key role in forming bonds, oxytocin, is released. The study involved 61 girls, ages 7 to 12, and they were asked to do math problems or give a speech in front of an audience, “a surefire way to make a kid stressed,” states CNN.

After, some of the girls were soothed by their mothers in person, some talked to their moms on the phone, and others watched a neutral movie. Then, the girls’ levels of the stress hormone cortisol were tested, and their levels of oxytocin were also tested. And according to CNN, “The cortisol levels of the girls who were soothed by their mothers–either in person or on the phone–started dropping immediately after the stress test, and returned to normal after about a half-hour.”

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